Faster Response, Better Productivity

Your workplace performance is directly proportional to the overall performance capability of your systems. Picking the right setup from so many different options can be quite tricky. Secondly, it's very important to justify your investment with a good ROI. We at Orisenc help you set up the workplace by understanding your business requirements first. With our workplace solution, you get access to a workplace setting that maximizes workplace performance.

Client Computing / Cloud-Client Computing

Enable you to maintain robust security

Enable your system to be flexible and scalable

Why Should You Choose Us

PSSPL provide you with a dedicated and committed IT consultant who will thoroughly review your IT,

along with the core business functions and future objectives for your business. Our approach is to deploy industry-specific tools that enable you to stay on the optimum levels of the productivity.

Client Computing / Cloud-Client Computing

Client Computing is a service provided by Orisenc that allows your business to have secure access to all of your data and applications, from any device, at any time. By utilizing the latest technologies in cloud-client computing, we can deliver a seamless user experience and improved productivity for your workforce. With the added security and flexibility of cloud-client computing, your business can stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and efficiency. 

Desktop / Virtual Desktop

Our Virtual Desktop solutions provide a secure, cost-effective way to access all of your business’ important data and applications from any device, at any time. By utilizing virtualization technologies, we can deliver a seamless user experience and improved productivity for your workforce. Our solution allows for easy deployment and management of virtual desktops, providing a cost-effective way to keep your employees connected and productive.

Enterprise Mobility / Mobile Devices

We offer a comprehensive approach to managing and securing your mobile devices, including device enrollment, security and compliance, and remote management. Trust Orisenc to provide the best solutions for your business enterprise mobility needs, improving employee productivity and keeping your data secure. 

Our managed dedicated hosting includes latest hardware bundled with Operating Systems, Database, Ethernet Bandwidth, Monitoring, Management and other services to keep your IT up and running.

Our offerings:

  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Colocation
  • Infra Manage and Monitor
  • Disaster Recovery
  • ERP Hosting

As a Life Cycle management partner we can help you have a peace of mind while we take care of your complete connectivity starting from Services, billing and link optimization.

Our offerings:

  • MPLS
  • Internet Lease Line
  • Global Ethernet
  • Direct connect
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Internet Of Things(IOT)