Consulting and Services

With years of expertise in the domain of Information Technology, we at Orisenc, partner with your business and provide tailored IT solutions.

In a fast-paced world, businesses can hardly deviate their attention from their primary goal but are on the constant lookout for a competitive edge. Get in touch with experts at Orisenc.

Our Services

System Assessment and Health Check

Performing a system assessment & health check gets you a detailed report about the current status of your system. This, in turn, allows you to take a calculated decision when you are on the lookout to upgrade business systems. Get System Assessment and Health Check done by experts at Orisenc

Performance Analysis

The only way your business can extract maximum potential & ROI from a system is to make sure it’s performing optimally. With a performance analysis, you get an in-depth report about system performance, which assists you in forming scalable strategies for your business.

System Design

System design plays a crucial part in determining the performance of your product. With our assistance, you can design a system that is indigenous & allocate the requirements of a large system, be it hardware or software.


Whether it is installing new hardware or software, we partner with your business to accomplish your strategic goals with the power of information technology.

Support and Maintenance

We take your grievances seriously & our dedicated support & maintenance team is available to solve all your queries.

Get that competitive edge

Information Technology happens to be the game changer when it comes to putting businesses ahead of their competition. With our years of expertise in the domain, we can help you stay ahead.